The core function of TELOK is knowledge sharing. We have decided to organize courses of some common topics of interest. The courses have no prerequisites, and we have made them as beginner friendly as possible. The courses are open to everybody, but to actually do anything using the equipment at the club you must be a member. The courses are organized mostly in small groups of 1 to 4 persons, with personal instruction and help available at all times.

The course tray is experimental, we are organizing these courses for the first time in 2011. The courses will be developed according to feedback.

Hobby electronics course

Learn to build your own electronic devices - from idea to finished, carefully polished product. TELOK provides a sample project for you, or you can also design and build your own ideas. The course is proudly free of complex math and abstractions, and rich in practical methods. Course organizer: Antti Alhonen


  • Essential tools and supplies
  • Soldering basics
  • Common components (hands-on)
  • PCB design & fabrication (using the advanced TELOK process)
  • Breadboard tips, when a PCB is overkill
  • Circuit design tips & tricks that theoretical courses lack
  • Practical rapid prototyping methods
  • Measurement equipment: Multimeters, oscilloscopes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hobbyist friendly mechanical construction

Electronics and appliance repair course

Short course on simple electronics repairs you can do yourself. Don't throw it away - fix it! This course is proudly math and gibberish free. When repairing, you need to intuitively look for faults - a skill that can only be developed by repairing electronics. Bring your own broken devices. They will be repaired, along with some carefully chosen real samples from the collection at TELOK. Course organizer: Jussi Peltola


  • Useful rework and desoldering tips - successfully swap the bad parts once you've found them.
  • General troubleshooting workflow
  • Checking some common components
  • Typical faults in electronics: electrolytic capacitors, switching transistors
  • Mechanical assembly repairs
  • Household appliances: Basic construction, fault finding, repair, maintenance
  • Practical tips & tricks: Reassemling devices the way they were.
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